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Purity tyrant 520-KJ520F-A

1.High-strength ABS body is made of 8KG pure raw material
2.Four-dimensional structure, with 45-degree air outlet design obliquely upwards, accelerates air circulation and purifies faster
3.LED screen display, real-time monitoring of formaldehyde, PM2.5 and formaldehyde TVOC values
4.High-precision particle sensor, intelligent adjustment
5.H12 grade twin filter, molecular sieve, alumina, nano carbon gold, silver ion filter, H12 grade HEPA, iodine value adsorption above 800,eight layers of 3KG real materials; lifetime can reach 15000 hours
6.Tens of millions of small particles of negative oxygen ions, remotely sent by the golden needle
7.Mobile APP multi-person remote intelligent control
8.Free smoke removal test equipment, visible effect